Whoopi! This Show Better Get Cancelle’

Whoopi Goldberg starts her new T.V. show tonight.  How is this woman still getting work?  She just isn?t funny.  She never was funny.  She never will be funny.  I thought once you reached Hollywood Squares you would never be heard from again.  I think Nat X expresses it best; I made a slight change by adding her new show.

The Top 5 reasons not to see Whoopi Goldberg’s new sitcom ‘Whoopi’:

Reason number 5: ‘Jumpin? Jack Flash’.
Reason number 4: ‘Burglar’.
Reason number 3: ‘Sister Act 2’.
Reason number 2: ‘Eddie’.
And the number one reason not see Whoopi Goldberg’s new sitcom: Whoopi’s in it!

Even the commercial they are running for this show stinks!

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