Today I was talking to a business associate about the variety of ways to promote a new site and Myspace came up.  Here is my response in email.

Ideas for Myspace?  To be honest I don’t get the Myspace craze.  I have never seen a collection of more crap in one place in my life.  I don’t think you need to go the Myspace route.  Its original intent was a place for bands to put their music and it turned into a pedophile hangout.

I then mentioned Digg. I jumped over to Digg to find the submit url link and the top story on Digg is A Scientific Approach to Myspace?s Failure.  Good entry to read ... this guy is right on:

It all started when I wanted to find a reason why the core of my Internet-saturated being hates Myspace. For fun one day, I searched within Myspace?s profiles for the following phrases:

* 9620: “I’m going to kill myself”
* 72,000: “I’m rick James Bitch”
* 3,100,000: wierd
* Man! This is fun, thought I.

His site is getting killed with traffic right now --- keep trying, good stuff.

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