I’m Buying A CB

cb radioI am thinking of getting rid of my cell phone and just getting a CB.  Seems like people don?t really want cell phones anymore, they want walkie talkies.  I despise Nextel phones.  It is bad enough I have to listen to one side of the conversation everyplace I go; I also get to enjoy the other side now.  It usually involves each party yelling over the phone which makes it even better for me.

The latest thing I am starting to see is people who don?t have Nextel phones using their cell phone like a Nextel phone.  These people crank up the volume on the ear piece and walk around with the phone in front of their face.  They talk loud and squint to hear what the other person is saying.  How does squinting your eyes help you hear any better?  Does the lack of vision heighten your hearing?  I know, I know, squinting with the finger point to the ear signals you can?t hear --- that is a visual queue and the person on the phone can?t see it so stop doing it.

I wonder if these same people use speaker phone at home for all their calls.

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