Consumer Loyalty

Seth Godin blogs about how each encounter with your customer should be treated like it is the last one.  He couldn’t be more right.  How would your account manager treat you when you called with an issue if he/she knew this call would keep or lose your business?

With so many options most consumers won’t stand for being treated poorly or deal with a poor service or product. 

One recent example was with my dentist (ex-dentist).  The dentist was a great guy, did a good job and had all the latest technology.  I referred at least 5 people to him.  Over time my friends started telling me how the receptionist treated them.  One friend had a billing mix up with insurance and received a bill in the mail with red marker circling the $35.00 due and big letters saying “PAY THIS BILL NOW”.  Aside from that the receptionist treated all of us poorly.  There are too many dentists in the world to stand for that.

A more recent example is my Vonage service.  The quality of the service started out pretty good.  Over the past month however the quality went downhill.  Anytime someone would call me it would be all static.  I would have to hang up and call the person back.  Calls would drop and so on.  It was a business line so I could no longer deal with the constant issues and have since switched to Verizon.  I have to pay a bit more for a traditional line, but how often does the old fashioned phone not work?

In some cases it may not be fair to drop a service and the hassle to switch may prevent you from switching, at least temporarily, but the options are there and everyday it is going to get easier and easier to switch.  Just look at cell phone.  Last month I walked into a Verizon Wireless store and within 30 minutes they moved my number from Cingular to my new phone, copied all my phone numbers to the new phone and had me activated and walking out the door.

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